The 7 Coolest Record Stores in the U.S. for Crate-Digging

For passionate music lovers, there are few greater pleasures than sifting through crates of new and used vinyls at records stores, secondhand shops, and flea markets. We, vinyl lovers, are the people that prefer a turntable and pair of speakers over streaming platforms and bluetooth headphones. We take pride in discovering dusty rarities and mint condition originals and wait eagerly for new releases and repressed classics.

A vinyl revival has been in motion over the last decade or so, which has also seen a rise in the popularity of the record store. Beyond serving as places to buy, sell and trade vinyl, many stores offer CDs, cassettes, and merchandise and host live performances and signings. Here’s a selection of the coolest record stores across the USA. Most are open for business but with reduced hours and by appointment only. Read full travel article here.