San Francisco Travel Guide

And it's perfectly true that this city—which is home to Apple, Facebook, Google, Uber, and countless other technology platforms that impact our daily lives—is synonymous with big tech. However, San Francisco is home to revelatory architecture, the first established LGBTQ+ neighborhood in the country, and Michelin-starred dining, all of which are crucial components of San Francisco's legacy. 

When in San Francisco, do as the Northern Californians do. Dress in layers, because the weather is constantly changing, and the fog—whose name, by the way, is Karl—often rolls in with little warning. Spend an afternoon lounging in a public park, taking advantage of San Francisco's seemingly endless green space. Take the BART—i.e., the Metro—to dinner in the Mission. Hike along the Pacific Ocean, or at least stroll on Ocean Beach at sunset. And if someone offers to let you test their app in beta, you've officially made it as a local. Read the full travel article here.

San Francisco