Baseball Uniforms in the Future: What Might They Look Like Two Decades from Now?

Imagine you are sitting in a ballpark in the year 2040, and you are noting the uniforms of the two teams on the field. Can you imagine what baseball uniforms might look like twenty years from now?

For some perspective, let’s turn the clock back to the late 1990s when what baseball clothes might look like in the future became more than just an idea. Baseball uniforms of the future became a hot topic thanks to “Turn Ahead the Clock Night.” Originating with the Seattle Mariners in 1998 as a one-night promotion, “Turn Ahead the Clock” went national in 1999 as a promotional gimmick between MLB and real estate company Century 21. Twenty-two of the 30 major league teams took part in the promotion by wearing their version of futuristic uniforms for one game. “We don’t know what 2021 will look like,” admitted Joe Billetdeaux, the Pirates director of merchandise. “We took a stab at it.” The results were not widely praised. The attempts at a futuristic look included jerseys with colors described as “blinding,” silver batting helmets, capped jersey sleeves, and jersey numbers and players’ names crawling vertically down the back. Read full sports article here.

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