A Travel Guide to San Diego, America’s Finest City

San Diego, with a population just under 1.5 million, bills itself America’s Finest City, and it’s one of the rare locales that lives up to its tourism board’s slogan. Compared to the neighboring city of Los Angeles, San Diego is a much more relaxed slice of the West Coast. If Tinseltown is a place to see and be seen, San Diego simply offers scenery to be enjoyed however you’d prefer. 

The surf set will find paradise in Encinitas, while architecture buffs will be drawn to La Jolla, where they can gaze upon modernist beach homes—among them, one of the 20 extant Case Study Homes. Those interested in the farm-to-table movement should make the pilgrimage to Chino Farm—a family-owned market whose claim to fame involves a stamp of approval from Alice Waters. From the touristy Old Town San Diego, where margaritas are served in trough-sized goblets, to the island of Coronado (famously the setting of Marilyn Monroe’s Some Like it Hot), there is plenty to add to your itinerary. A complete guide to San Diego, below. Read the full travel article here.

San Diego