11 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Cozumel

A 34-mile-long by 11-mile-wide island off of Mexico's Riviera Maya, Cozumel is quite unlike its neighbor. It’s largely undeveloped, with expanses of jungle and untouched shoreline that are a rarity on the mainland. Travelers don’t come for the partying, boisterous beach bikini volleyball games, or designer shopping. Instead, it's mostly about unplugging and enjoying the sun. There's also plenty to see and do in Cozumel aside from the beach. The city of San Miguel has a laid-back vibe, and there are stunning stretches of untouched nature to be found along the eastern and southern shores. We're covering everything from when to visit Cozumel to things to do on the island. So check out the 11 things you should know before setting off for Cozumel. Read the full travel article here.