10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Munich at Least Once in Your Lifetime

As well as the many beautiful sights and museums in the city, it also makes the perfect base for exploring southern Germany and its many Alpine lakes. Whether you just want to relax with some locally brewed beer, or hear up-and-coming musicians at a festival, Munich has something for everyone.

From the city’s many brewhouses churning out signature beers and ales to the unbeatable atmosphere of a beer garden in summer, beer is at the heart of Munich culture. In fat, the city is even home to the world’s largest beer garden; at Hirschgarten, up to 8,000 drinkers can while away the afternoon over a maß or two. As with many beer gardens, you can either pick up some traditional food there or bring your own picnic to enjoy in the self-service area. Read the full travel article here.